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I started doing YouTube as a way to express my creativity and increase my confidence and now more than 3 years later, I've built a community of like-minded people and worked with some amazing people to make some great content!

Live on twitch

I stream every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday over on my Twitch channel! I stream a lot of Minecraft... some might say too much. I also stream a lot of variety too and from time to time host community games with my viewers! Want to catch me live? Click the button below to head to my Twitch page!

A social butterfly

Like everyone I have all sorts of social accounts from Twitter to Facebook and even a discord server! Click the button to find out more!


Hello everyone reading this, my name is Dan or CrateUp and I want to take this section to just give a huge thank you to everyone who's supported me on my journey so far. Everyone who's ever watched, liked, commented, subscribed and even tuned in to my streams! It means the world and always shocks me that there are people out there who enjoy my content and what I create. 

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