Here's some frequently asked questions and also some things you may not know about me

What is your name?

My real name is Dan but I go by CrateUp online.

I came up with the name randomly after seeing a box with an up arrow on it.

Not the most interesting origin story around but it's mine :)

Why are you called Crateup?

Why did you start Youtube?

I've been doing YouTube collectively for over 7+ years. I originally started doing it as a way to share videos with my friends and to gain confidence!

Who's your favourite band?

My favourite band of all time after being introduced to them 10 years ago is Area 11! They've been a massive favourite of mine over the years and still are.

Do you actually enjoy Minecraft?

Yes! Absolutely I do. The game has been a big part of my life and one that I keep coming back to all the time! 

My favourite game of all time is Fable 3. I have great memories of playing the co-op multiple times with my friend. I'm so excited for the new Fable!

What is your favourite game?

Who's your favourite Youtuber?

My all-time favourite YouTube channel is The Yogscast or BlueXephos as it used to be known. Everything from SOI to Moon Quest, Peculiar Portions and the TTT videos. I am a huge Yognaut and the Jingle Jam streams each year make my December!

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